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Pact (noun)

An agreement; a compact; a covenant.

From Latin pactum (“something agreed upon"), from paciscere (“to agree").

In 2015, three mates made a pact to brew great beer and never compromise on flavour, quality and creativity.

Pact was born in a tiny Canberra kitchen. Every Pact Beer starts as a handmade and homebrewed prototype. From the kitchen, we test it out, tweak it around, and then scale it up to brew 'gypsy style' at some of the finest breweries in the country with an embrace only Pact can provide. Once the yeast has done its job, we ship countless kegs and bottles of tasty beer across Canberra and around Australia.

Inspired by the flavours and aromas of malt, hops, and the special touch that only 50 billion yeast cells can provide, our beer recipes extend upon the classic style foundations wrought through thousands of years of beer making. Always brewed with food pairing in mind, our beers are inventive and interesting but never overbearing.

Our Beers

Mount Tennent Pale Ale

#52 GABS Hottest 100 Beers 2017

American Pale Ale - 5.2% ABV

Inspired by the picturesque mountain and the legend of its bushranger namesake, the Mount Tennent Pale Ale walks the tightrope of accessible, sessionable and mindblowing all at once. It's a tantalisingly hoppy and sessionable American Pale Ale with touches of tropical and citrus fruits.

Legend has it that John Tennent’s treasure is still buried at Mount Tennent, ACT. Many have tried to find it, but none have succeeded.

Never mind... now you can find a little bit of Tennent’s treasure in every sip.

This taste sensation came #52 in the 2016 GABS Hottest 100 beers!

Available on tap and in bottles.

Brickworks Brown Ale

Gold Medal - Australian International Beer Awards

American Brown Ale - 5.6% ABV

Bricks form the strong foundation of a good home. Brickworks Brown forms the foundation of a good time.

Toasted bread, roasted coffee and sweet chocolate flavours combine, balanced with a subtle bitterness from floral and earthy Ella hops. Malty. Chocolatey. Roasty. Toasty.

Available on tap and in bottles.

L Yeah

Hoppy Lager - 5.4% ABV

Silver Medal - Australian International Beer Awards

Are lagers old, tired and boring? Yellow tasteless swill that your dad used to drink?

This is not your dad’s lager.
This is L Yeah. Hell yeah!

We’ve taken the traditional Pale Lager - a clean, crisp refreshing beer and infused it with a farm full of Loral hops.

Bringing equal parts old world noble and new world fruity hop awesomeness, the L yeah is an everyday beer with character, exposing melon, citrus, and fresh cacao.

Can I get an L yeah?
Hell yeah!

Available on tap and in bottles.

100 Acres IPA

Americo-English IPA - 6.0% ABV

Drawing equal cues from both the English and American IPA traditions, the 100 Acres IPA exudes a beautiful bouquet of clean pine and floral aromas with a firm bitterness that excites without overwhelming the palate.

All these hops are supported by a firm biscuity, honey malt which make this IPA a well balanced and tasty beer.

Available on tap and in bottles.

42.2 Summer Ale

Blond Ale - 4.2% ABV

Inspired by the hottest Canberra temperature on record, the 42.2 Summer Ale is light, dry, crisp, refreshing quaffer.

Even in extreme heat, hops are important. Really important. We’ve used a secret blend of all Australian hops to give just enough fruity punch to get the mouth party started and keep it going all through Summer.

Available on tap, in cans, and in bottles.

Pact with the Devil

Brewed for GABS 2016

Belgian IPA - 8.5% ABV

You’ve spent your gold. You’ve peeled the wax. You’ve cracked the bottle.

You’ve released the devil.

The tantalisingly tropical aromas are but a rouse. The light gold liquid is just an illusion, hiding what lies beneath.

The devil is a crafty beast, and though the belgian esters give you a hint of what’s in store, it won’t be till the end of the bottle that you realise...’ve formed a Pact with the Devil.

Tennent's Peak

Double IPA - 8.0% ABV

Fresh from the brew house, the Tennent's Peak Double IPA draws upon the legendary ‘first batch’ of Mount Tennent Pale Ale that bragged flavours too intense and heavy to be classed as a session pale ale.

Inspired by those memories and the calls from Canberra beer lovers to bring the beer back, we’ve produced a special small batch for the Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival. We’ve used the same hop combination and the same firm, malty backbone. We’ve scaled it up a couple of notches and blown the beer out to be a bolder, stronger, bitterer hop bomb of deliciousness and satisfaction.

Much like climbing a mountain, Tennent’s Peak may leave you short of breath at the first step, a bitter taste in your mouth as you progress, but the reward sure is there at the finish.

The beer will also be available at Transit Bar and the Durham Castle Arms, with more venues coming on board next week!

Double Dissolution Disillusion

English Bitter - 4.5% ABV

On tap only for a very limited time.

An election was called, all the children cried. Make an election beer, they said, with tongues bulging in their cheeks.

We took the challenge much like a politician would, with vim and vigour but with full knowledge that we would never please everyone, and possibly risk pleasing no one in the process of everymanning a beer.

The style was obvious. A double bitter. Let's be honest though. The double is merely show. Its barely managing the strength of a normal bitter. Just don't tell the electorate that.

This beer is a labor of love. It may be bitter, but its got a liberal helping of tasty green hops. We want to make sure its democractic though, so we're throwing it open to the great unwashed. If you can suggest a dry hop ingredient that will be responsible to put in a beer during a budget emergency, we'll throw it in there. Through preferential voting, we may even try to please everyone and just put everything in there. At least we will promise that to get schoonerlected. Actual product will vary.

With the ever increasing number of beers in the lineup, some beers will come and go with the seasons.

Click here to see what we've brewed in the past. Your favourites will no doubt return in the future.

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